Coffee comes in all shapes and sizes, but we at Artizan Coffee Company believe it should be more than just something to fill your cup. That’s why our coffee has been USDA certified organic and certified Fair Trade USA for years, with USDA certification granted again in 2017. Our Nespresso organic Fair Trade coffee gives you the boost you need from a healthy and ethical supply chain.

USDA Organic Standards

Organic certification gives consumers a level of trust in the health and safety of a food product. The USDA sets a high standard for organic farms before certification is granted, including a long list of banned agricultural chemicals and farming practices. This means that every organic Fair Trade Nespresso compatible capsule from Artizan Coffee Company is made from coffee beans with no harmful chemicals or substances whatsoever.

We sought out certification from the USDA because we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to health and safety. Coffee like ours is roasted, packaged, and certified in the US, meaning that it can be certified 100% organic by the USDA if it qualified for the 100% organic label. Organic products are not just healthier for your body, but they’re produced in a way that encourages healthy soil, better environmental practices, and sustainable farming. Our coffee is easy on your conscience and your body!


Why Organic and Fairtrade?

Coffee is widely grown around the tropical and rain forest regions of the world. Even though a cup of coffee from your local shop may cost you a lot, that money doesn’t usually make it back to the farmers and their communities. In many cases, the standards of living for farmers are far below acceptable levels. Fair Trade USA coffee helps to balance out the equation by paying farmers a fair amount for their produce and investing back into the local communities.

Fair Trade works to protect and support the people who make your coffee possible. This includes Ricardo de Aguiar Resende, one of our family farmers in Brazil. His beans are used in our Estate Nossa Senhora De Fatima, a balanced single estate coffee with a bold flavor, rich body, and low acidity. Ricardo provides housing for his workers and education for their children, while also focusing on reforestation and environmental protection. Fair Trade USA practices help to empower his efforts and support his and his workers’ dreams.

We believe it’s important to know where your coffee is coming from and how it was grown. That’s why we are committed to remaining USDA certified organic and Fair Trade certified. Our Organic Fair Trade Nespresso compatible capsules all have a story as unique as their taste. Come experience a better way to brew from the Artizan Coffee Company!