Steam Wand, Aeroccino or Milk Frother

Accessories for your Nespresso machine come in abundance. From capsule dispensers and drawers to flavor add-ons that enhance your coffee experience, all these could give you the tools of an ultimate coffee connoisseur. If you’re a fan of milk-based coffees such as lattes, cappuccinos or flat whites, then you’d benefit from purchasing a milk frother - giving you barista quality coffee.

When looking for a milk frother for your Nespresso machine, you have three options: the Steam Wand, the Aeroccino or the Milk Frother. All three items serve their own purpose and contribute to making great coffee taste even better. The main difference between them is accessibility. The Steam Wand and Milk Frother is only available to purchase with a Nespresso machine, whereas the Aeroccino is available as a standalone accessory without the need for a compatible model. It's important to know the varying features of these machines, their cost, and how difficult it is to clean each of these accessories before you can decide which to purchase.

Steam Wand


The Steam Wand is a great accessory that comes attached to certain Nespresso models. Just like a professional espresso machine, the Steam Wand will froth your milk, giving you a great cup of coffee. Using the Steam Wand is hands-on, meaning that frothing your milk requires a little practice to get right.

Simply hold the provided stainless steel milk jug under the Steam Wand and turn on. While the Steam Wand is on, hold it and gently swirl for your desired amount of time depending on the level of froth you want. When complete, pour the milk into a cup and place the cup under the coffee outlet and begin brewing.

Availability and Cost

The disadvantage of the Steam Wand is its availability. To acquire the Steam Wand, you must purchase a Nespresso machine with the Steam Wand attached.

Compatible machines include:

Cost is an important aspect when looking to obtain a Steam Wand. Unfortunately, both machines with the available Steam Wand are rather expensive compared to others. Prices for each machine vary from $400 to $500.


Cleaning your Steam Wand is a simple process. Remove the tip of the nozzle, separate the O-ring from the tip and rinse both thoroughly, then dry with a clean cloth. Regular maintenance of the Steam Wand will ensure no milk residue is left behind and is devoid of any bacteria.



The Aeroccino is a great standalone accessory for Nespresso machines. Using the Aeroccino allows you to produce lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites with ease. Simply pour your milk into the jug to your desired level and choose a frothing option. The amount of milk you add depends on the level of froth you would like, for example, less milk results in more froth, more milk means less froth. While the Steam Wand is hands-on, the Aeroccino is more of a “set and forget” type of accessory, you add milk, press a button, and forget about it until it's finished.

There are multiple versions of the Aeroccino accessory with the latest one being the Aeroccino 4. This version offers four different options; cold milk froth, hot milk, warm and airy milk foam, and warm and dense milk foam. Each option can be selected to produce a different brew. Choosing the Aeroccino will allow you to use any type of milk you like, whether it is whole, almond, soy or any other kind of milk. It is important to understand that using different kinds of milk will result in different levels of froth.

Availability and Cost

The Aeroccino is much more available than the other two options. This standalone add-on doesn’t require you to have a compatible machine for it to work. Depending on the version you choose, prices can range from $70 - $120.

Cleaning the Aeroccino is very easy. First, turn off the machine and remove it from the stand. pull the seal from the lid and detach the whisk. Rinse them under warm water and dry with a clean cloth. With a non-abrasive sponge, wipe the inside of the Aeroccino clean until it is free of any residue, then dry with a clean cloth. Note that the jug is not dishwasher safe and should not be submerged in water.

Milk Frother


The Milk Frother is also an accessory that is included with some Nespresso machines. It is a fully automatic frothing tool that activates when you begin to brew a coffee. With its one-button operation, the Milk Frother is quick and easy to use. The Milk Frother has little customization, so for those that are more experienced and know their way around making coffee, this may not suit them as the machine does all the work.

Availability and Cost

Similar to the Steam Wand, the Milk Frother is only available with the purchase of a compatible Nespresso machine. If you’d like to own a Milk Frother, you can do so by acquiring one of these machines:

The cost of these machines varies from $379 to $599. Before committing to buying one of these rather expensive machines, It is important to research what you want, whether it is solely the milk frother or the whole Nespresso machine.


It is recommended that the Milk Frother is disassembled and cleaned after every use. This will ensure that there is no leftover milk residue inside the pipes. First, turn the dial to the clean position and place an empty cup underneath the milk outlet. Water and steam will begin to empty into the cup, cleaning the outlet in the process. When complete, turn the dial to the normal position and power down the machine. Remove the milk container, rinse thoroughly and wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

Milk Frother Cleaning Solution

When cleaning your frother of choice, it is important you use the right product. The Cafetto Organic Green Milk Frother Cleaner by Artizan Coffee is an Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed liquid cleaner that is designed to remove milk residue from your frother. Usable on any milk frother, just mix the solution with water and run the cleaner through the pipes via the normal method. This will result in clean, bacteria-free pipes, so your coffee can taste great every time.

Choosing the best frothing option isn’t easy. Each accessory has advantages and disadvantages, but it comes down to personal preference. For a more customized coffee experience, the Steam Wand is the better choice. For an easy frothing method that does not require a compatible machine, the Aeroccino is perfect. Or for a one button function that requires little effort and maintenance, the Milk Frother is the piece for you. Using any of these products fused with one of Artizan Coffee’s signature organic capsules will produce the ultimate beverage.