Coffee is the most popular beverage worldwide, after bottled water. Coffee is second in line to be the largest traded commodity. In America alone, over 400 million cups of coffee are consumed, which boosts imported coffee to over four billion in sales each year. Many coffee drinkers don’t realize that drinking non organic coffee is just not healthy. Organic coffee provides many more benefits than regular coffee.

What are the Benefits of Organic Coffee?

  • No Chemicals: Organic coffee contains no chemicals. Organic coffee is all-natural.
  • No Pesticides: Organic coffee is grown without any pesticides. Non organic coffees are grown with pesticides. In just one acre, farmers are applying nearly 250 pounds of pesticides and chemicals. These pesticides are known to contribute to all types of cancers, miscarriages and even contribute to nerve and muscle damage.
  •  Environmentally Friendly: Organic coffee is better for the environment. The soil isn’t saturated by chemicals to grow organic coffee.
  • Tastes Better: Organic coffee tastes better than non-organic coffee. The coffee beans in organic coffee are the best beans available, which makes your coffee taste amazing.
  • Affordable: Organic coffee is affordable. Many people think that because organic coffee is all-natural and organic it is too expensive, but it is affordable.
  • Coffee contains flavonoids and vitamins: Coffee is proven to reduce health problems such as heart disease, liver failure, gout, etc. 

There are many benefits to choosing Organic Coffee over Non Organic Coffee. Drinking organic coffee will eliminate any exposure to unhealthy pesticides and chemicals.

Coffee is an important part of every American’s day. It tastes better than non-organic coffee. Organic coffee is not processed by chemicals, and it is the best stimulant to boost you in your daily routine. The first cup will have you hooked. You will be surprised by how smooth and delicious organic coffee actually tastes. Think of your wellbeing, and drink organic coffee. You will see an immediate change in your overall health.