What Makes Our Coffee Different?


We use the top 1% of coffee beans in the world to carefully craft-roast and prepare our organic Nespresso compatible capsules. 

And, by only using beans grown through responsible organic farming practices, we’re cutting out the harmful fertilizers and chemicals that interfere with the integrity of our coffee - and your health. 

That means you're getting Nespresso compatible capsules chock-full of just-roasted, 100% certified organic coffee from some of the most specialized producers in areas recognized for growing the world’s best beans

Our Slow-Roasting Process

Words like craft, artisan, and hand-brewed -- descriptions long tied to wine and beer -- are now the faithful terms used by roasters to highlight the artistry and intimacy behind the roasting that is uplifting coffee as more than just another ordinary commodity. 

Our mission as a specialty coffee roastery is to preserve the “craft” of roasting. That is why we pay just as much attention to how our coffee beans are roasted as we do to the precise details of the harvesting and processing. A change in even a few seconds or degrees can drastically affect the taste of the bean.

Here at Artizan we slow roast our coffee in small batches in a drum, which is the same roasting method that has been used for centuries. Drum micro-roast develop the beans to their full flavor, at the same time eliminating the natural, general acidity contained in the bean. 

Drum roasters like ours tend to be more expensive, take more time to roast, and are more difficult to use, but the fully developed flavor of the final product we are able to serve you makes all our efforts worth it.

What is Specialty Coffee?

The “special” in specialty coffee is measurable.

Coffees are graded on a 100-point scale--to be considered “specialty,” a coffee must score at least an 83. Specialty coffee costs more in the coffee market than commodified coffee--the price tag is higher for the buyer, and generally more profitable for the farmer.

To achieve that high coffee-score, and to be deemed worthy of its loftier price tag, the growing of specialty coffee necessitates great care. From the terroir (farmers must plant coffee in certain climates, altitudes, and soil conditions for the fruit to fully mature) to the mill, specialty coffee holds itself to a higher standard.