How to Descale your Nespresso Inissia


The Nespresso Inissia is a great compact coffee machine that produces amazing coffee. In order to ensure that your machine retains this great coffee production, you must regularly clean and maintain it.

Have you ever noticed that your coffee tastes slightly off? Then your Nespresso Inissia may need descaling. Descaling is an important aspect of maintenance that only takes around 15 minutes out of your day and we can show you how to do it.

What is Descaling?

Every time you use your Nespresso Inissia, the hot water flowing through the machine leaves small deposits of a mineral called calcium carbonate that can build up over time. Places that use hard water will see the need to descale their machine more often due to a higher concentration of calcium carbonate. When you descale a Nespresso Inissia, you will be removing these deposits resulting in a healthier machine and better tasting coffee.

How Often Should I Descale My Nespresso Inissia?

It is recommended that one should descale their Nespresso Inissia at least once a year. However, to achieve the best results, every three months will maintain optimal machine cleanliness and consistently great coffee.

What Will I Need?

The components involved in descaling your machine are easily obtainable. First, you will need a descaling solution kit. The Urnex Dezcal Activated Scale Remover kit is cheap, non-toxic, biodegradable, safe and works on most machines. You will also need fresh water to fill your water tank and a container to catch the used solution.

Steps To Descaling My Nespresso Inissia

The steps required to descale a Nespresso Inissia are quite simple. Follow this process to ensure that your Inissia is clean and ready to make delicious coffee.

Preparing my Inissia

  • Turn on the machine, allowing it some time to heat up.

  • Pull the lever to ensure that there are no capsules left in the machine.

  • Empty the capsule container and drip tray.

  • Then place a container capable of holding up to 1 litre of liquid under the coffee outlet.

  • Fill the water tank with 500ml of fresh water and the descaling solution.

Starting the descaling process

  • Wait until the two buttons stop flashing.

  • Then simultaneously press the two buttons and hold for three seconds.

  • The lights will start flashing quickly to indicate that your Inissia has entered descaling mode.

  • Press the lungo button to start the process.

  • Once the cycle has finished, then refill the water tank with the used solution.

  • Press the lungo button again for a second cycle.

Rinsing my Nespresso machine

  • Once completed empty the water tank and container.

  • Thoroughly rinse the water tank to ensure that there is no leftover solution.

  • Refill the water tank with fresh water to the max level.

  • Press the lungo button for a final cycle to remove any solution left inside the machine.

  • Once complete, empty and rinse the drip tray.

Exiting descaling mode

  • To exit descaling mode, simply press the two buttons on top of your Inissia simultaneously for three seconds to exit descaling mode.

Now, your Nespresso Inissia has been descaled and is ready to make amazing coffees again.

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this video on how to descale a Nespresso Inissia:

Inissia Features

The Inissia is a quick and compact coffee maker perfect for those that don’t have the space or time for a big complicated machine. The Nespresso Inissia Can heat up in only 25 seconds and has a 19 bar pressure pump that allows you to make professional quality coffee. Its water tank can hold up to nine cups of water and is easily accessible. Moreover, this machine is much more affordable than other Nespresso models.


Why Go Organic

Using an organic descaling solution is great for the environment and your machine too. If you care enough about using organic coffee, you should do the same with your descaler too. The Cafetto Restorer Descaler is an environmentally friendly descaler that is non-toxic and biodegradable resulting in less of an impact on the planet. Most Artizan Coffee products are 100% organic as they are the first company in the world to receive the USDA organic certification for their line of Nespresso compatible capsules. Using this descaling solution will allow you to clean your machine, make great coffee, and save the environment.