India Robusta Cherry Organic

New Arrival from India

 December 18, 2017

INDIA ORGANIC ROBUSTA CHERRY AA is sourced from family owned farms organized around the Wayanad Social Service Society (WSSS) located in the district of Wayanad within the state of Kerala, India.  WSSS was established in 1974 and supports more than 8,000 small producers.  Coffee is cultivated in the Western Ghats mountain range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most biologically diverse places in the world with more than 5000 species of flowering plants and 508 different species of birds.  In addition to coffee cultivation, farmers cultivate a diverse range of spices.


  • CERTIFICATIONS | 100% USDA Organic

  • GEOGRAPHIC REGION | Kerala, india

  • ALTITUDE | 900 - 1650 Meteres

  • VARIETALS | Robusta

  • PROCESS | Washed

  • DRYING | Sun dried

  • HARVEST | December - March

  • LOT | 1039

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